Labotatorio Botaniq S.L was created to bring tasty natural flavors to everyday’s life and provide a healthy snack choice for many people. Snacking is easy, fast and fun, but it often presumes extra calories, fat, sugar, salt, artificial flavors which one may prefer to refrain from. Fruits and veggies – indeed the best healthy choice for a snack. But people often choose what is more tasty and rather than simply healthy. Everybody knows that “Apple a day keeps a doctor away”. However, not always one follows this proverb, because it is not so convenient to munch an apple on the the go and sometimes it doesn’t feel like having one. Lots of fast food, sweet and salty snacks are more convenient and tasty to eat. The challenge is how to combine it all together so that it is Tasty and Healthy, Convenient and Fun. LABotaniq offers perfect snacks. Our fruits are gently dried, perfectly packed and crunchy to enjoy it even more. In our products we combine the natural fruit, great taste and convenience. It is great to nibble on LABotaniq between meal times, give your kid to school, share at the party or charge your batteries on the go. LABotaniq means great crunchy taste+100% natural and nothing else We use NO sugar, artificial flavors, gluten and preservatives in our products